VIVA Zummo commercial juicer

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Elevate your juicing experience with the Zummo VIVA Automatic Citrus Juicer! It’s the ultimate solution for those seeking convenience, efficiency, and quality in one machine. Whether it’s a refreshing orange juice, a tangy lemonade, or a delicious grapefruit concoction, the Zummo VIVA transforms your favorite citrus fruits into healthy, flavorful beverages in seconds.

The compact, elegant design, combined with the innovative squeezing system, ensures that the juice is always of the highest quality, free of bitterness, and rich in vitamins. Ideal for both home and commercial use, the Zummo VIVA will become an essential appliance for anyone looking to enjoy fresh, nutritious, and tasty juices.

🌟 Why Zummo VIVA?
Zummo VIVA stands as a revolutionary automatic citrus juicer, designed to excel in both form and function. It's engineered to ensure that every drop of juice extracted is of the highest quality, fresh, and rich in nutrients, optimizing the flavors of limes, lemons, and oranges. With its intuitive operation and fast and quiet performance, VIVA is an ideal companion for businesses looking to serve premium, fresh citrus beverages swiftly and efficiently.

🔑 Key Features:
Efficient Extraction: Automatic squeezing system for maximum juice yield and minimal waste.
Compact & Elegant Design: Occupies minimal space and adds a modern touch to your setting.
Easy Operation & Cleaning: Intuitive controls and detachable parts ensure a user-friendly experience.
Pulp Regulation System: Customize the level of pulp in your juice to meet varied customer preferences.

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