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Combi-Oven WCTS 5

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Consistently cook, steam, roast, grill, fry, and bake with the Wictory Combination Oven. Complex operations standardized and simplified. This oven is versatile enough to replace steamers, grills, and convection ovens.


- Five (5) Half-size sheet pans or Five (5) Hotel Pans/Accessories (GN 1/1) capacity. For use with 1/1, 1/2, 2/3, 1/3 GN accessories. - Temperature Control from 122°F to 572°F (50°C to 300°C)
- Up to 1000 multi-stage cooking recipes can be saved
- USB Connectivity
- Automatic Cleaning System
- Manual steam injection for bread baking
- Included Core Probe Sensor provides precise cooking based on temperature and not time.
- Dual-Rotation high speed reversing fan for fast, even cooking throughout the chamber
- Dual-Pane Glass Door
- Reinforced door hinged left with a 310°swing
- Door mounted self-draining drip tray that flows into removable front-end cavity-wide drip tray
- Safety Sensors shuts oven off when door is open
- Interior Halogen Lighting
- Heavy-duty stainless-steel 304 body construction
- Chamber is insulated with fiberglass insulation
- Adjustable rubber legs provides leveled stability
- Oven stand comes with casters (not pictured)
- Hand water sprayer mounted on right side of oven. Can be used for rinsing chamber in cleaning function and adding water to containers if necessary.
- 12-shelf stand included with each combi oven
- Warranty: 1-year parts & 1-year labor (Conditions apply, see manual)


- Steam – 212°F (100°C)
- Convection – 122°F to 572°F (50°C to 300°C)
- Combination – 122°F to 572°F (50°C to 300°C)
- Regeneration – 176°F to 572°F (80°C to 300°C)
- Water Bath – Steam Control
- Overnight Cooking – Can be programmed up to 24 hours before - Tray Scheduling – Set multiple trays with different cooking times. - Delta T
- Defrosting
- Conventional (Heat without Convection)

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